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5 Reasons Social Media Is Damaging Your Business

Social media can be a stunningly effective tool to help you grow your business, however done incorrectly, it can have lasting, damaging effects for your brand. By recognizing these common pitfalls, business owners can take the necessary steps to nix these destructive practices, repair their brand image and be on their way to achieving social media success. Read More

10 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Social Media Manager

Like most successful business owners, you probably already recognize the valuable growth opportunities available with social media marketing and advertising, and with them, the need to hire a designated person to help you take full advantage of them. But with so many people calling themselves “experts”, how do you separate... Read More

6 Examples of Social Media Crises: What can we learn?

Not everyone learns from the prior year’s biggest social media fails. Brands, celebrities, and social media accounts of all types continue to Tweet and post online some things that can only leave us with our hands on our heads. Read More

How to Handle Customer Complaints Via Social Media

As hard as you might try, it’s impossible to keep everyone happy and social media is the go-to destination for disgruntled users. Responding quickly and appropriately to negative social comments can help you increase customer loyalty and retention. These tips will help you keep your cool and handle negative feedback in the best way possible. Read More