A great idea means nothing if no one knows about it...

even less so, if the right people have never heard of it.This why we believe in connecting businesses to people who are already searching for what they have to offer and building relationships based on trust, honesty and open communication; relationships that keep happy & satisfied customers not only coming back time and time again, but also passing on the recommendation to their friends and families - capturing that ever elusive customer loyalty.

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Reaping the full benefits of social media for your business is very time consuming. From planning, consistently developing and publishing interesting and engaging content that draws people in, responding to questions, running social marketing campaigns, monitoring what’s going on with your customers, competition and industry as a whole - the whole process can be an overwhelming drain on your valuable time.

Since managing your web presence is our main focus, Fidelis Media can handle the full range of duties, saving you precious time without cutting any corners, so you can get back to doing what you do best: running your business.

The fact is that monitoring, responding to, and updating social presences as well as researching and surfacing opportunities to grow your brand is a full-time position.

Thankfully, many businesses already recognize the burden of work up-front, and look to hire a full-time staff member for that purpose.

The problem with this approach is that it will inevitably cost you far more and give you much less. Beyond the on-paper costs of a salary and benefits for your new worker, you’ll have to absorb the hidden costs like training and company perks that fall elsewhere in the budgeting mix. You’ll end up with is a single, albeit capable, team member to direct your efforts.

Fidelis Media specializes in social media management, which means you can expect a department that is capable of scalable response and you’ll get the benefits of our entire companies efforts, not just a single individual.

You've worked hard to build and maintain a good reputation, handing it over to the wrong person can destroy all of your hard work over night.

Perhaps like many Fortune 500 companies, you’ve realized that there are huge growth opportunities available by harnessing the connectivity of social media, something that 73% adults are now using.

Or you may be on the fence, thinking that you can’t justify/afford paying someone to simply write and post status updates, something that you, someone already on your staff, or better yet, an unpaid intern can do.

Stop! Before you make any decisions that could be permanently detrimental to your business, remember:

The viral nature of the web and social media could mean the kind of PR disaster that even prominent companies like American Airlines and Chrysler haven’t been able to escape from at the hands of interns disgruntled current and ex employees.

At the very least, not understanding the various moving pieces that make your brand run smoothly, including but not limited to, the voice of your brand, your customers, best practices in customer service, combined could mean your social media manager is undoing all of your efforts, quietly chasing your customers over to your competitors.

At Fidelis Media, we have the knowledge, tools and expertise to help you grow your business with on the web.

Our team, with backgrounds in business, digital, social and traditional marketing, public relations, branding and human resources, understands what it takes to grow your business on social media and the web as a whole.

By the very definition of our company, your success is our success, which means as the face of your brand on the web, we represent you with the upmost level of excellence and professionalism.

Who We Are

Fidelis Media is an innovative digital marketing firm that's transforming the way owners use the web, social media and advances in connective technologies to effectively reach more people and grow their businesses.

Harnessing the far reaching connectivity of social media and powerful data analytics, we're connecting businesses to consumers, non profit organizations to their supporters and public figures to their audience & engaging to build ongoing relationships that drive tremendous, continual growth.

  • Connecting businesses to customers who are already in need them
  • Building relationships that turn one time impulse buyers into loyal customers
  • Offering real time customer service
  • Gaining insight on where your competition is falling short by listening to their customer complaints

We recognize that true, lasting success doesn't come from hard selling sales tactics, but in connecting and building relationships with customers through engaging, responding to their concerns, and offering real value - the kind of relationships that show owners what their clients are looking for as well and keep satisfied customers not only coming back time & time again, but passing on the reccomendation to their friends and families as well.

Fidelis Media is located at 1200 18th Street, NW, Suite 700 Washington, DC 20036.

As an award winning digital marketing firm, Fidelis Media brings a personal and effective approach to every project we work on.

Founder & CEO Eva Benjamin
  • Listen & Learn

    Anyone who claims to have the answers to all of your problems without first gaining an in depth understanding of your business is in it for one reason: their self interest.

    We take the time to listen and gain a thorough understanding of your business - not just simply what you do but why do you do it, what drives you, who your customers are and what they're looking for.

    We examine your market as a whole, and find gaps or areas of opportunity where your competitors are falling short, providing you with opportunities to meet these needs and gain new customers.

  • Develop a customized strategy

    No two businesses are exactly alike or have the same exact goals. It makes sense, then, that there can be no trully succesful, one size fits all strategy.

    We work with you to determine what your goals are and use our industry expertise to formulate a custom strategy that fits your needs and budget.

    We outline specific, measurable, attainable and relevant (SMART) goals using clearly defined objectives, clear definition of tasks and clear milestones of what success means to you.

  • Professional Strategy Execution

    Even the most brilliant strategy can be doomed by poor execution. Great execution is the result of thousands of intentionally made smaller decisions made day in and day out by everyone involved. We professionally execute a multi-level, customized strategy designed to reach your customers where they spend much of their time.

  • Measure appropriate metrics

    How can you measure the impact of your social strategy on your bottom line? How can you quantify not just the number of “likes”, “follows” and “pins” but the added value they provide to your brand?

    While some things, such as Facebook “likes” and Twitter “followers” are easier to measure, they’re only a fraction of the big picture that is social media and overall digital strategy success.

    We take a comprehensive approach in measuring your brand's impact, measuring what terms people are searching for, what sites they’re originating from, engagement and interactions, content they respond to best, channels they’re using, timing and relevant metrics - all this and more to give give you a clearer road map of how to grow your business.

  • 5. Tweak Strategy For Maxium Effectiveness

    The social media environment is constantly evolving and your strategy must evolve accordingly to keep you ahead of the curve. From search engines rolling out a new search algorithm to new trends in data consumption, we use our industry knowledge in anticipating these changes to ensure that you keep your competitive edge.

    We take into account both direct customer feedback from engagement and interactions as well as indirect, from data analytics and synthesizing.

    We not only examine what's working, but also search for areas of improvement in order to give your customers a better user experience and keep them coming back.

    From engagement to conversion, we examine your social strategy from various angles and continually tweak it for maximum effectiveness

People Skills

Social media management and e-literacy is MUCH more than a “fluency” in using software and apps; it means being able to communicate cross culturally and cross generationally, having patience and understanding, a knack for diffusing situations and continually mastering all of the nuances that come with dealing with people of all ages and walks of life.

Data Analytics Expertise

From likes, followers, web visitors and everything in between, we're constantly bombarded by data - but what does this mean for your bottom line? Are they just vanity numbers or are they drawing in spending customers? Fidelis Media has the high level of expertie it takes to collect, measure and synthesize this data into meaningful insights that can inform the creation and execution of succesful digital strategies.

Well versed in a wide range of platforms

When most people hear of "social media", they think of the big three: Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest - but there are hundreds of niche platforms that can help you expand your reach & drive growth. Fidelis Media analyzes demographis in order to better position you where you'll get the most eyes on your business. We know that the key isn't being in as many places as possible, but being in the right places at the right times.

Cohesive Team Building

You're only as strong as your weakest link - so we recruit, train and continually develop only the best, brightest and forward thinking talent for our team. When you partner with Fidelis Media, you get a team of people with a wide array of backgrounds; from business, traditional and social marketing, public relations, journalism, and even psychology, we believe that this converging of ideas is the best way to develop brilliant strategies to help owners grow their businesses

Monitoring & Analysis

No man (or business) is an island, that's why we're continually monitoring what people are saying about your business, your competition and your industry as a whole across the web - a criticial part in staying ahead in the game & avoiding unpleasant surprises.

Trend forecasting

Some trends comes and go, others have the ability to greatly impact your business - jumping on every single one is not only exhausting but a terrible waste of resources. We have our ears and eyes to the industry - which means we can anticipate and better prepare for trends that will impact your business.

Learn how we can help you grow your business today.

From digital marketing to social media management, web design to brand management,
Fidelis Media is here to help you grow your business in a connected world.